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    Forever Friends Dog Training & Boarding

      Your Canine Behaviour Specialists


Forever Friends Dog Training is proud to host Pia Silvani on

September 19 and 20, 2015 for an exciting seminar on

understanding and encouraging appropriate canine play!

Pia will also address issues with rescue/shelter dogs and common behavioural problems while getting reliable behaviours with our domestic companions.


Best Western

1876 Robertson Rd.

Ottawa, Ontario

(613) 828-2741

Please see below for booking

information and room details


September 19-20, 2015

9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.


$275 + HST CAD

Pia Silvani Seminar

Groups of 4:

$990 + HST CAD

Pia Silvani Seminar (group of 4)

One Day:

$175 + HST CAD

Pia Silvani - One day

Please do not forget

to fill in and send your registration form

Every person in a group must fill in a seperate registration form


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Dog Friendly Hotels:

Best Western:

  • All 1st floor rooms have direct access to outdoors and 2nd floor rooms have balconies.
  • Rooms will accommodate up to 4 people.
  • To book your room at Best Western and pay the special rate of $117.89 + HST, please call 613.828.2741 or toll free 1.866.214.1239 and tell them you are booking under Forever Friends Dog Training.
  • Note: you can not pay the special rate when booking on-line. 

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Seminar preview

Continuing Education Credits:

OAVT : 10 credits

IAABC : 16 credits

CCPDT: CCPT-KA 12 credits

               CCPT-KSA Knowledge 9 credits

               CCPT-KSA Skills 3 credits



9:00 a.m. to Noon

Lecture - Understanding and encouraging appropriate puppy play


Demo with puppies

Noon: Lunch Break

1:00 to 4:00p.m.

Lecture - Understanding and encouraging appropriate adolescent/adult play


Demo on interaction with adolescent and adult dogs, object play etc


9 am to Noon

Lecture – Working with shelter dogs and when to introduce play


Lecture – Managing resource guarding

Noon: Lunch Break

1 pm to 3:30 p.m.

Lecture – Getting reliable behaviour and fading out lures


Lecture – How to be an effective coach

About Play:

In recent years, playtime has been considered a form of therapy, a popular way to exercise your dog, and an essential part of a healthy dog’s education and routine. Daycare programs and dog parks are common, exposing dogs to a variety of playmates. Puppies are playing in class and dogs go on play dates, but is playtime all it is cracked up to be or are there hidden risks and dangers?

So what is play and how is it communicated? Dogs communicate by giving very clear signals a desire to play, to continue to play, and to stop play. Most signals are done through visual cues, but we can’t ignore olfactory, tactile and auditory cues. Why do some dogs seem to play so well, while others appear to be frightened by an invitation to play or, sadly, have not had an opportunity to play and the interaction with another dog is quite frightening.

We will look into why dogs play and the benefits and risks from early puppyhood through adults. Are play and aggression closely related?

Some dogs enjoy social play, while others enjoy object play. Where does dominance come into “play?” Or, does it? We’ll take a look at some popular theories and common myths as well as developing some rules for owners to follow when playing with their dogs or permitting their dogs to play with other canine friends.

Through videos and live demos, we will look at a variety of play situations and evaluate whether play is healthy and when it is potentially harmful. We will go over the early warning signs from puppyhood as well as give you ideas on what to look for when evaluating shelter dogs or selecting playmates in your puppy classes or when attempting to find friends for your best friend.

About Resource Guarding:

Aggression is one of the most serious problems presented to dog owners, trainers and behaviourists. It is a highly charged issue with physical, social and emotional ramifications. In this presentation Pia will discuss working to set realistic goals and establish a treatment plan when dogs won’t allow you near “their stuff!” Case studies and videos of shelter dogs will be presented with video footage of treatment.

Really Reliable Behaviours:

“My dog only works if I have food….”but, he does it at home…” We all know dogs that work beautifully when they are sure there is a treat or toy available, but are less reliable, slower, or seemingly unpredictable without it. As with everything else in dog training, dependence on lures and other prompts is a result of systematic learning – and we are the unwitting teachers.

Dogs are very detail oriented and do not generalize well, which means that if we use a prompt to teach a behaviour, the prompt is a salient part of that exercise to the dog. A prompt is anything you use to elicit behaviour. If we do not want our dogs to be prompt dependent, we need to have a plan to wean off them.

Prompts are tools. They get behaviours to happen. The effective use of prompts means using them to get the behaviours you want so you can reinforce them. When you have reinforced it sufficiently, eliminate the prompt. There are a few ways to eliminate prompts. You can fade them, use pairing, combine prompting with shaping, or use a fake out.

Pia will give you tips on how to get really reliable behaviours without becoming food dependent. Get ready to listen, learn, and have fun while training dogs to become more reliable and motivated to do more.

About Pia:

Pia Silvani has been teaching for over 30 years starting with dance, track and field and swimming where her accomplishments and achievements were internationally recognized. But she found her true calling in coaching and teaching dogs and even cats where she continues to receive international recognition and accolades in the many programs she has developed.

For 25 years, Pia was Vice President of Training and Behavior as well as Behavior Specialist at St. Hubert’s Animal Welfare Center in Madison, NJ. Pia developed numerous courses focused on positive, reward-based techniques, which are extremely effective in the enhancement of the bond and relationship of the dog with his/her human companion. The result was an astounding 100+ classes per week, which included 8 levels of pet training classes, and specialty courses designed for dogs with extreme behavioral problems. The very successful Feisty FidosTM curriculum which she developed while working at St. Hubert's has gotten rave reviews around the world. Pia is still teaching the course for St. Hubert's at their campus in Madison, NJ. Pia continues to train new trainers in the field and has written six training manuals, which are used nationally as a resource guide for other trainers. She offers workshops around the world on enrichment, training, and behavior modification for the shelter dog and your pet dog or cat.

While at St. Hubert’s, Pia

  • was instrumental in developing a behavior department.
  • developed a canine coach program where volunteers and apprentice dog trainers work with shelter dogs to help them become more adoptable by achieving and maintaining good manners.
  • developed a private consultation department geared towards pet owners with aggressive or anxiety-related problems for dogs and cats.


Charter member, American Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)

Subject Matter Expert, Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT)

Animal Behavior Society

Check out Pia’s extensive list of accomplishments and publications.


Please notify the dispatcher if a dog will be accompanying you.

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(613) 238-1111

Capitol Taxi:

(613) 744-3333

Pets GO Taxi:

(613) 235-7387

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